TM Features™ -- A more inclusive search at a lower price

TM Features™ offers the first truly effective visual search technology for the registration, prosecution, and monitoring of trademarks. TM Features™ offers:

  • Superior Search Results: A TM Features™ search, on average, finds 20 percent more "confusingly similar" trademark matches than other search engines such as USPTO TESS, SERION, Trademarkia, LegalZoom all of which rely on decades-old "design code" and "key word" search technology. Report comparisons have shown that five percent of our results will contain a 99 percent trademark feature match missed by our competitors.

    Comprehensive Search Across All Classes: TM Features™ technology allows for the search of all classes at the same cost. Our comprehensive overview can highlight possible conflicts such as a dilution claim that would not be found by search technologies restricted by class and design code limitations.

    Trademark Matches Link Directly to the USPTO TSDR: TM Feature™ trademark matches are directly linked in our reports to the corresponding status and files in the Trademark Status & Document Retrieval (TSDR) system.

    Provides a Unique Conflict Rating Score (CRS): All TM Features™ trademark reports include our new proprietory Conflict Rating Score (CRS). The rating system generates an algorithmic-driven quantification score from 0-400 for all matches. The CRS score is derived through the computation of complex ratios that measure the constituent shapes that make up digital images and then factors those values against other marks within the target ICC code. The CRS score is no substitute for sound legal analysis, but it does provide an objective measurement and another tool for comparison and argument.

    Internet "Visual" Common Law Search and Monitoring: TM Features™ visual technology is also used to protect and preserve the rights of a mark through monitoring services that scan Internet usage. Key features of targeted marks can be found in web page images even if embedded in other images, video, or Flash. With TM Features™ the visual identity of your client's mark can be protected indefinitely across today's digital marketplace.

    Flat pricing. One Search - all Classes: A TM Features™ USPTO trademark search (that includes all classes) is $490 compared to our competitors who charge up to $1,325 for a search of 4 - 9 classes.

    Includes Industry Standard Design Code and Key Word Search Criteria: TM Features™ innovative visual search technology is integrated with the industry standard use of design code and key work search parameters. The visually derived matches augment design code and key word search findings, resulting in the most comprehensive trademark search available today.

How does TM Features™ do it?

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Confusingly Similar trademark features found by TM Features™ missed by USPTO TESS, SERION, Trademarkia, or LegalZoom design code or word search.

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